Our Purpose: The purpose of Southside Baptist Church is to lead lost people and apathetic Christians into a personal, Spirit-filled relationship with Jesus Christ, here and around the world.

Our Mission Motto:  Reach the Lost (Acts 1:8), Equip the Saved (Ephesians 4:12)

Our Ultimate Goal:   Love God-Love People (Luke 10:27)

Our Story

Southside's story begins in November 1961, as First Baptist Church of Lakeland GA began construction on Southside Baptist Mission.  On January 18, 1970, the mission was constituted into a church with 57 members the first year. In October of 1970, Southside Baptist Church was accepted into the Valdosta Baptist Association.

The church has been through several building phases beginning with the original location on Berrien Avenue. In December of 2006, Southside relocated to the current location on the Valdosta Highway.  

Pastor Austin DeLoach Jr. has been the senior pastor since 1996. 


Today Southside is in partnership with several other churches in the Vision Network including Cornerstone Baptist Church in Homerville GA, Journey Church Tifton GA, and Journey Church Douglas GA. It is also the production center for Vision Media, where The Truth of the Matter radio, tv, and internet media ministries are made available to whole world via internet, tv, and radio broadcasting.  

Spiritual Characteristics of our Ministry:

1. Jesus Christ is Preeminent-Colossians 1:18

2. The Word of God is Believed-Matthew 4:4

3. The Spirit of God is Depended on-Zechariah 4:6

4. Balanced Worship-Colossians 3:16

5. Faith to Experience "Greater Things" than we can do-Matthew 17:20

6. Heart Focused-Proverbs 4:23; Matthew 15:18-20


Practical Characteristics of our Ministry:

1. Friendly Environment-Ephesians 4:32

2. Healthy Relationships Emphasis-Matthew 5:23-24

3. Committed to the Purpose

4. Personal Atmosphere

5. Simple Structure

6. Use of Media

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