Vision Media Ministries - Fulfilling The Great Commission Through Technology.

Vision Media is an outreach ministry of Southside Baptist Church. Our goal is to take full advantage of the technology and communication advances of the era and culture in which we live.


In this unbelievable age, the message of the Gospel can be preached here inside the worship center of Southside and moments later it is available to people across the entire Earth.


It begins locally here in the worship center and spreads through the region by way of radio on WBTY 98.7 FM each weekday at 7:20 AM, and by duplication of CD's and DVD's that are available by order.


Further expansion comes by way of our television broadcast every Sunday morning at 7 AM on WALB.


Then the message is broadcast to the entire world via web casts available through our web site archive.


Our culture is saturated with media influence. If you think about how much you are influenced each day by radio, television, movies, internet, magazines, newspapers, billboards, and the like, you can see why we believe in the ability of media to reach the masses.


Vision Media wants to bring a different message to the world, the message of hope in Jesus Christ!