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When you click the button in the archive table,

a new page should open that looks like this:

If you do not see the player or you have a blank square or a blue Q in the page you need to click . This link will take you to the Apple web site to get a free Quicktime Player.


The Apple page should look like this


Click the "Free Download Now" button and follow the prompts to download and install the player. Once you have fully installed Quicktime, re-open the video page and it will automatically begin playback.


The videos are high quality and require a high speed internet connection such as DSL or Cable Broadband.


For those who have slower connection speeds the audio files are heavily compressed and will play even on faster dial-up connections.




The Audio files are low quality mp3 files that will open directly into the default player of your computer. Some players are configured to download the entire file before playing, if your player is configured that way then it may take a minute or more before the file begins to play. If its configured to playback as it downloads then the file will begin to play immediately.

If you are having trouble with the audio files you can right-click on the button and click Save Source or Download File. Once your computer has downloaded the file you can locate it and click on it to play in the default player.


Mobile Devices

The Audio files will stream in on an iPhone or iPod Touch (Touch must have Wi-Fi) simply by clicking the link. Some other smart phones will also stream in these files.



You can download the video and audio files to you computer to keep for later viewing or sharing by opening the player window and allowing the content to completely download. You can see the progress in the status bar in the bottom center of the player window, when the bar is completely darkened, you can click arrow in the bottom right and then in the drop down menu click the "Save as Source" or "Save as Quicktime Movie" link as shown below:

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